The votes are in! This summer we asked you to help us brainstorm ideas for a unity themed vase. We wanted a subject matter that would symbolize the coming together of people in many ways – a vase to commemorate marriages, anniversaries, friendship, family, spiritual union, and peace.

You put forth many wonderful ideas. The studio took your ideas and designed a few of them into vase forms. Amongst these designs, the concept of two trees that grow, branch, and come together won out as the preferred piece. Next we applied several different experimental glaze combinations to our “Unity Tree.” Finally, last week you weighed in on your favorite completed design.

And the winners are…….Glacial and Dusky Olive.

We have enjoyed your participation so thoroughly and find that input often results in innovation which is the reason collaboration is such a core value here at the studio. We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our product development process and enjoyed participating in building this piece. It pleases us very much to be able to offer you this beautiful fan-built collaborative piece as Limited Edition, available for the next year. You can purchase your very own Unity Tree Vase here.


Unity Tree Vase in Glacial


Unity Tree Vase in Dusky Olive