Nothing brightens a room more than freshly picked flowers! Hello Sunshine is Ephraim’s debut functional vase, fired to a higher temperature and finished with our newly-developed functional glazes so there is no need for a liner. These sunny vessels are offered in two sizes to accommodate your favorite cut flowers or the treasured, hand-picked bouquets delivered to your backdoor by bright-eyed children.

Imagining the Hello Sunshine Vase

New ideas rush into our studio effortlessly and often. When we imagined an Ephraim functional glaze, we knew we wouldn’t find that formula in a book. Our idea was different–a glaze fired to a higher temperature that is flawless, modern, and exciting poured over a refined, distinctly-Ephraim form that tolerates temperature variations and the rugged pace of day-to-day living.

Inspired, we invested an untold number of hours discovering the perfect combination of raw elements and refining a beautifully-thrown form to showcase it. Hello Sunshine embraces Ephraim’s aesthetic, it offers comfort and practicality in the hands and homes of Ephraim Pottery enthusiasts. It was definitely worth the effort, we hope you enjoy our new idea.