Early Bird Vase by Ephraim Pottery

Hand-thrown and sculpted pottery Early Bird Vase

Ephraim artists Jennifer Alexander and Kevin Hicks created this unique piece which represents how we continually explore new directions that drive the evolution of our artwork. Over the years, Jennifer pioneered a tile design inspired by stained glass featuring curvilinear line work and pooled glazes, while Kevin established a low-relief carving technique drawn from the historic Marblehead Pottery methods and designs. Years later, Early Bird merges these two styles to create something fresh and new that becomes next-level Ephraim.

Creating the Early Bird Vase

Jennifer was instrumental in developing glaze techniques for Kevin’s Marblehead-inspired designs which eventually informed the Early Bird glazing process. With two glaze firings, the color palette could be expanded while spray and brush techniques eliminated glaze dripping. This, along with Kevin’s refined incised carvings, boldly brings the panoramic band of spring blossoms and chickadee to life on the throat of a clean, modern, sure-footed form.